When registering...

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Please take the time to get your names correct in the fields listed.

Name = display name. This is what people see you logged in as, and is the name on your forum posts.

Username = login name. This is what you use to log in. For safety it is sometimes best to make this different than your display name.  (Note:  The forum software looks up profiles by username, so it looks like usernames can't be hidden.)

If you mess up, just send me a message and I'll fix it for you. I know, the little icons on the registration form have the indicators backwards for these two fields.


Welcome back.

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The paint's still wet, and there is still furniture missing, but the site is up and the door is open for user registration. As the moderators drop back in, please PM me and we'll get the forum mod privileges set back up properly.

This site now sports a Facebook shim for logins, if you feel so inclined... but you can still set up your profile with the display name you want. Please keep in mind that "Name" is your display name and "Username" is the account name that you log onto the site with. (Provided you aren't just using facebook auth.)

I've enabled the picture upload features. You will have to live within their limits (pixel size and space size), although I will likely bump those limits up if I shift this site over to paid-for hosting with a lot more disk space. In fact, I'll look into that this week.

You might find a few features with rough edges, ugly colors, or broken functionality... but I think most of the major items are working just fine. I'll re-post up forum rules shortly.

That is all!



Site Rebuild

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Hi folks,

Well, the underlying CMS of the Montana Gamers site was, once again, compromised by enterprising hackers. The site was running a webkit for the past half day or so, and could have caused some problems with your browsers had you happened to visit during that time frame. I know that Chrome gave me warning that the site was serving up suspicious content, and then Symantec AV blocked some activity.

I am finally giving up on using the e107 CMS, and am switching to Joomla. I think I got hacked, on average, once a year with e107. Here's to hoping that Joomla provides a much more robust infrastructure for Montana Gamers.

Bear with me for the next few days as I rebuild this site. Unfortunately, we are once again losing the entirety of the user database and the content of the forums. As much as I'd love to keep all that old stuff, it's a good time to clean house and build a new community. I will be looking to see if we can provide much greater usability in the forums, including image hosting and so forth.

Thanks for your patience.